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Gun Rage

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Gun Rage is an old-school, fast-paced, side-scrolling run and gun, with 16-bit era graphics, inspired by greatest classic games of the genre.

Gun Rage is taking place in a distant future, where players take on the role of a smuggler named Axel Gunn, who got ripped off and nearly killed on one of the delivery missions.
Losing the cargo, almost getting killed and risking to get the reputation ruined, is definetely not something forgivable. Axel sets out on a path of revenge to retrieve the stolen and to crush anyone who dared to mess with him, incurring the wrath of a mighty, menacing enemy. True, terrifying powers of which, he could not imagine.


  • Big variety of enemies: armies of cyborg zombies, crazy cultists, giant robots, abominable, heavily armed, huge monsters.
  • Challenging, complex, multiphase boss fights.
  • 16-bit era graphics.
  • Old-school hardcore.
  • Vast arsenal. From melee to rocket launcher. Pick new guns and switch between them at any time.
  • Fast-paced gameplay with a lot of explosions, gore and blood.
  • Every level of the game has indiuvidual art design and atmosphere.
  • Dark synthwave music.


Gun Rage Gun Rage
Gun Rage
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    Denis Galewski

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    420 MB available space